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    *Please contact us before booking a collection so we can confirm we will be able to collect your Christmas tree*

    Currently our entire team is off-season, we may still collect your Christmas tree on a case by case basis, usually on the weekends or after hours. This is the off-season collection price which includes driver + fuel + tree disposal

    our email is: info@realChristmasTrees.Melbourne
    phone: 03-9994-8286


    Do you have a Christmas tree that needs to be collected (Removed Disposed or Pickup)? 

    We collect Christmas trees even if purchased elsewhere.

    Two collection options: 

     1 . We choose the date for you (off-season collection now)
    2 . You choose your own collection date

    Option 1: We choose the date for you 

    We will notify you when we will collect your tree, sometimes we will be driving past your address and can pick up the tree and recycle it.

    Option 2: You choose your own collection date

    (7 days a week, collection date and time to be approved*)

    Please make sure the Christmas tree is:

    • easily visible to the driver
    • out the front of the property
    • be home during collection day
    • or leave instructions at checkout
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