Medium Stand – Cinco 8


Fits small and medium Christmas tree sizes.

Christmas Tree Stand benefits: 

  • Holds the tree upright and well presented.
  • Secure around children and reusable if in good condition.
  • Stores water, meaning fresh looking tree for a longer period.

The Christmas tree stand holds water for the Christmas tree up to 4.9 Liters

It can be mounted onto a wooden piece of wood for extra stability if needed.

(recommended for larger Christmas trees)

  •  Stand fits small and medium Christmas trees.
  •  Maximum trunk diameter 15.25 centimeters (6″)
  •  4.9 Liters water storage
  • Dimensions of stand: 16″ (40cm) x 16″ (40cm) x 7″ (18cm)
  • weight approx 1.5kg

Size guide

Medium Stand – Cinco 8 is suitable for

  • 3 Foot Christmas tree
  • 4 Foot Christmas tree
  • 5 Foot Christmas tree
  • 6 Foot Christmas tree
  • (7 Foot Christmas tree, we recommend the larger stand)
  • ( 8 Foot Christmas tree, we recommend the larger stand)



Christmas Tree Stand A clean leather cloth finish is used on the Classic and Express stands together with a deep spill guard and reinforced screw holes.
Christmas Tree Stand Melbourne The push-pull ratchet mechanism makes set-up and take-down easier than ever.
Real Christmas Tree Stand Melbourne Three strong galvanized pins in the center of the stand’s base help to lock and centralize the tree before final adjustment.


Video on how to stand a Christmas tree in a Cinco stand (by Cinco)

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