Premium Christmas Tree 8 foot

The size of this Xmas tree is approximately 2.44 metres and we call it 8 Foot

Xmas Tree 8 Foot Premium

Include a Tree Stand (Cinco 10)

Holds the tree upright and well presented

Would you like your tree collected?

Collection instructions can be found here

(blanked out dates are booked out) We may not be able to guarantee this date to some metropolitan area. *CBD delivery is every Tuesday. *Some outer suburbs are delivered on the weekend only. *Additional delivery charges may be added during checkout, depending on your location. (CBD & Peninsula & Out of Metro)
Are you a business with business hours? or require the driver to do an induction or check into the loading bay?

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Make a statement with our 8-foot-tall Christmas tree. Perfect for those homes where a little extra height isn’t a problem, this sizable addition to our premium tree range is guaranteed to leave an impression on your guests.

Our Farm is ECO friendly and only uses Australian Made products. Watered with captured rain water and grown on the boarder of West Melbourne where the soil and environment is perfect for this Christmas tree.

Xmas Tree 8 Foot Premium


8Ft/2.44 Metres

Branch width

5Ft/1.52M – 7Ft/2.13 Metres

Trunk width

7.02 Inches / 18 cm


70 – 140 Kg


After your order, the tree will be cut down, netted with a special Christmas tree netting to protect during transport and delivered to your door within two business days 7 days a week.

If you are home, we will help you place it inside your home, otherwise the tree will be left in front of your door or your place of residence in a secure location.


It means we will install the tree into a stand for you. A stand needs to be purchased from us or a good working stand needs to be provided. Our drivers are able to refuse installation if the stand is not one of ours or not in a working condition.


To check collection timetable, please click on menu: info-> Collection Timetable

If collection date doesn’t suit you, you may choose your at -> Collection


Simply place your tree out the front of the property where it is easily visible to our driver. If you can’t be home on the date of collection, please leave written instructions at checkout.

If the tree is to be picked up from a business premises, please leave business opening hours and any further instructions at checkout.


In the event that collection is excessively delayed, we will continue to collect booked tree removals later than scheduled. We will confirm the new date with you via SMS. Full refunds apply before the collection date.

Choosing your own date:

  • Bookings have to be made 24 hours before collection
  • Collection has to be within our Metropolitan boundary
  • Chosen day needs to be approved

Please check the collection timetable making sure it suits you.

Christmas Trees that are Collected (Removed Disposed Pickup), are returned to the farm in Melbourne. They are mulched and returned to the ground.

Don’t leave your old Christmas tree lying around as it will not be removed or disposed of by the garbage collectors.

Leaving out an old Christmas tree on your nature strip, is an eye sore to your neighbours. It will not be collected/removed/disposed of by the council.

Start a New Year fresh and remove an old Christmas tree.

We will collect any Christmas tree anywhere within Melbourne. All we need is the address of where the Christmas tree is located.

Christmas tree care

Best caring for this Christmas tree, is to place it away from direct sunlight, especially afternoon sun. Keep away from windows facing west (sunset window)

For maximum life, just like a flower keep it in water and check if there is plenty of water daily. A good Christmas tree stand has a water storage inside it to keep the Christmas tree fresh. The water will need to be topped up daily for maximum length.

If possible, slice off 2 to 5cm’s off the trunk before setting up into a stand.


  1. Luis Antonio

    I just arrived at Melbourne a couple of days ago from South America to visit a close friend. He was planning on getting a big Christmas tree for his big living room. He told me about Melbourne Christmas Tree Farm and we decided to go directly to the farm. The experience I had was fascinating. We were able to go to the trees plantation and see for ourselves all kinds of trees. After that, I then decided to go to the online website since the 8-foot tree was a little bit too big for us to take, and I placed the order as a gift for him. It looked beautiful when it was delivered, but now that the tree is decorated looks even nicer! I am more than happy with this purchase!

  2. Fiona Gibson

    Arrived a beautiful Christmas tree to my door today. Thank you so much!

  3. Amanda Gailes

    It is actually quite hard to find a tree this size, the ease of ordering and having the tree delivered and installed is great. Delivery took a longer then expected. Luckily I was able to work from home.

  4. katrina bowden

    I’d forgotten how big the diameter is. This is a monster. But it is the thickest lushest tree I’ve ever seen and we had to but extra lights and decorations and even then they’ve disappeared. Great product and service. Next time I’ll get you to set it up. Didn’t realize it would be quite so heavy!

  5. Jerome Reyna

    Good steady tree.

  6. Jane Gough

    This year I decided to go for a larger christmas tree and have it delivered. It just ended up fitting in my living room and the delivery and setup went smooth. Don’t think I would of been able to do it without the help. Cheers guys.

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