Included in your Christmas tree price is our FREE delivery service 7 days a week in the Melbourne Metro area (see map).

NEXT DAY DELIVERY: Orders must be placed before 12 noon for next day delivery.

MORNINGTON PENINSULA:  December the 07th, please mention Peninsula Delivery during checkout or contact us before your order. 

CBD & Docklands DELIVERY: is every Tuesday and a CBD surcharge will be applied at checkout. This is due to traffic, parking, loading dock, inductions, elevators. This is applied by our drivers. Postcode: 3000 and 3008

WEEKEND DELIVERY: FREE weekend delivery up to the 24th December.

OUT OF METRO DELIVERY:  During check out, the website will say if we deliver to the area. Most areas we delivery on the weekends.

Disposal/Collection of the Christmas tree can be chosen at checkout for a small fee. Collection is between 04th and 10th January or you may choose your own date.

Christmas tree collection before 24th DecemberWe can collect your Christmas tree before the 24th December for a fee. You can select this option at every tree.

Christmas tree satisfaction:  Based on, case by case scenario, we will exchange a Christmas tree for a small fee  (Christmas tree sizes between 3 foot and 7 foot only). T&C apply.

NB: Please refer to FAQ (below) in regards to delivery time of your chosen day. (alternatively at check out when you enter your postcode)  

Melbourne CBD Deliveries

If you are getting your tree delivered within the Melbourne CBD, please note:

  • It is recommended that someone will be there to accept the delivery of the Christmas tree.  As there might not be any room to leave the Christmas tree which has a shaded area and/or a secure place. 
  • We take no responsibility for leaving the Christmas tree if no-one is there to collect it.
  • If there is no-one to collect the delivery and no instructions provided, we might not leave the Christmas tree and an extra delivery fee will incur for another delivery. 
  • There is a CBD surcharge that will be added at checkout.

Deliveries for apartments and secure places

  • Please organise a drop off point and provide instructions in the comments box at checkout. 
  • If there is a security guard, inform them of the delivery.
  • If there is no-one to collect the delivery and no instructions provided, we might not leave the Christmas tree and an extra delivery fee will incur for another delivery.

Weekend and public holiday deliveries

Weekend delivery is included in our 7 days a week free delivery.

Delivery: Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be home for the delivery?

No, you do not need to be home during the delivery.

If you will not be home, please let us know where to leave your true. Please make sure:

  • There is enough room in which we can leave the Christmas tree in front of your building.
  • The area is shaded and away from direct sunlight.
  • There is a bucket of water large enough for us to place the tree in, as they need to be in water at all times to remain fresh.
  • The area is safe and secure. 
  • If you live in an apartment or secured place, to provide specific instructions. 

Note: A re-delivery fee might be charged if we are unable to leave the tree somewhere, or if no-one is there to accept the Christmas tree on delivery if arrangements had not been made for us to leave the tree somewhere.

We cannot take responsibility for leaving the Christmas tree unattended.

Note: We may have to apply a re-delivery fee if the necessary instructions are not sufficiently provided.

At what time will the tree arrive? / Can you deliver at a specific time of the day?

Unfortunately, there are too many factors involved, so it is impossible to predict or guarantee a specific time of day for delivery.

In your written instructions, you may specify if you would like our driver to phone you when on their way. 

Will you install the Christmas tree upon delivery?

Please specify in your order if you wish the Christmas tree to be installed/set up upon delivery.

If this is the case, it is preferable that you are home on delivery day.

If you cannot be home, we can still install the Christmas tree for you, provided we are given all the necessary instructions.

  • You must have/purchase a Christmas tree stand. If you already have one, it should be a high quality working stand, such as a cinco stand. Or, you may purchase one of ours along with the tree. If you already have one, please leave it outside for the driver to use.
  • Your place of residence must be safe for our drivers to access.
  • We may refuse to install the Christmas tree if one of the above is not met.

When do Deliveries commence and end?

Deliveries are made all year round. We provide free delivery between 25th November until December 24th for the large majority of areas, although some further suburbs may incur an extra delivery fee, which will be shown upon checkout when you enter your delivery address. We can deliver any day of the year. If the date is not available for delivery during check out, please contact us to organise one. 


Christmas Tree Installation

Setting up of a Christmas tree on your own

3Ft to 7Ft  Christmas trees can be set up by one or two persons (depending on the skill and strength) with a cinco Christmas tree stand.

An 8ft and above Christmas trees will require two or more people to set up the Christmas tree with a cinco Christmas tree stand. For the larger Christmas trees (10Ft and above) we recommend setting up a pallet below the stand to prevent the tree from accidentally falling over. 

Here is a short video by cinco on how to set up a real Christmas tree:

(The hammer action may not be required as the weight of the tree will be sufficient.) 

Cutting the trunk

Similarly to cutting the stems of flowers, you may wish to cut a few centimetres off the trunk of your tree to help it drink the water better, for a longer life span and a greener and fresher looking tree. However, this is optional and not necessary as the Christmas tree is freshly cut on the same day of your delivery.

Setting up a Christmas tree by us

During your order, please let us know that you’d like us to set up the Christmas tree for you on delivery.

A Christmas tree stand is required. You may purchase one during your order or have a working stand from last season.

What it means? The driver will install the tree into a stand for you. A stand needs to be purchased from us or a good working stand needs to be provided. Our drivers are able to refuse installation if the stand is not one of ours or not in a working condition.

If you have forgotten to select installation during your order, you can purchase it here: 

– Christmas tree installation

Christmas tree stands can be purchased here:

– Christmas tree stand – cinco 8, 10, 12


Christmas Tree Collection Melbourne

Where to put your tree for pickup

Simply place your tree out the front of the property where it is easily visible to our driver. If you can’t be home on the date of collection, please leave written instructions at checkout.

If the tree is to be picked up from a business premises, please leave business opening hours and any further instructions at checkout.


In the event that collection is excessively delayed, we will continue to collect booked tree removals later than scheduled. We will confirm the new date with you via SMS. Full refunds apply before the collection date.

Choosing your own date:

  • Bookings have to be made 24 hours before collection
  • Collection has to be within our Metropolitan boundary 
  • Chosen day needs to be approved 

 Please check the collection timetable making sure it suits you. – Timetable (Click here)

Christmas Trees that are Collected (Removed Disposed Pickup), are returned to the farm in Melbourne. They are mulched and returned to the ground. 

Don’t leave your old Christmas tree lying around as it will not be removed or disposed of by the garbage collectors.

Leaving out an old Christmas tree on your nature strip, is an eye sore to your neighbours. It will not be collected/removed/disposed of by the council.

Start a New Year fresh and remove an old Christmas tree.

We will collect any Christmas tree anywhere within Melbourne. All we need is the address of where the Christmas tree is located.



What type of Christmas tree do you grow?

We grown the Pinus Radiata variety at our farm which is a softwood where they love good rainfall and good soil. With these two very important elements required for a healthy Christmas tree, a mature tree would be at least 5 years old before harvesting.

Premium vs Traditional trees?

Premium Christmas trees are sporting more luxuriant foliage than our Traditional trees, each tree is hand-selected by the lead farmer to ensure only the finest real Christmas trees are brought to your home. There is only a limited amount of Premium Christmas trees available.

Our traditional Christmas trees are available at affordable prices, making them ideal for resellers. We supply our traditional Christmas trees to leading retailers like Bunnings, Coles, and Woolworths as well as independent retailers in Melbourne, price guaranteed.

Best way to look after a real and fresh Christmas tree:

-       Keep it in water at all times.

-       Place it in a shaded place and the coolest place in your home away from direct sun light and heating elements.

-       Avoid afternoon sunshine as this will age the Christmas tree prematurely.

-       Now and then you may want to spray water mist on the Christmas tree leaves to simulate rain.

Optional: (when the tree starts to dry out)

-       Drill holes into the bottom of the trunk to get fresh water flowing into the tree. (does not require to take the tree out of the stand)


-       Saw off a 2cm off the trunk so the tree can have fresh water absorption. (requires the tree to be removed from the stand)

(A real Christmas tree is like a real fresh flower in a vase full of water.)

How long does a Real Christmas tree last?

A well looked after Christmas tree will last up to 30 days.

Our Christmas trees are of the highest quality and have been looked after with great care throughout its life and will continue in your home.

Dry needles inside a real Christmas tree.

Paul an experienced Christmas tree grower says it's normal and explains why this happens.

Real Christmas tree vs Artificial Christmas tree

First of all, artificial Christmas trees are made out of non-renewable petroleum.

Artificial Christmas trees are made out of plastic oils which are harmful to the environment.

Real Christmas trees remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Artificial Christmas trees are not recyclable and end up in the land fill forever as they do not disintegrate.

Real Christmas trees will disintegrate into the earth.

Artificial Christmas trees are made overseas not supporting Australian economy.

Real Christmas trees are Australian grown and owned.

- In case of a fire, artificial Christmas trees burn easier and produce toxic fumes which are very harmful.

Real fresh Christmas trees are less likely to catch on fire as it is living plant and the wood is still wet inside.

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