Potted Christmas Tree – Pinus Radiata

Introducing our charming Potted Real Christmas Tree, a Pinus Radiata standing approximately 90 to 120 cm tall from the ground up. This tree radiates a natural beauty with its lush, soft needles and Christmas tree shape. Ideal for smaller spaces or as an additional festive touch, it’s a sustainable choice that can be replanted after the holiday season.

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Discover the magic of a real Christmas with our Potted Real Christmas Tree. Grown from a Pinus Radiata, this tree stands at an approximate height of 90 to 120 cm from the ground up, making it a perfect fit for smaller spaces or as an additional festive touch in any setting. Each tree is meticulously nurtured to ensure it has the perfect conical shape, vibrant green colour, and a delightful fresh pine aroma that fills your home with the unmistakeable scent of Christmas.

Our potted Christmas trees are the epitome of sustainability, as they continue to live and grow in their pot, absorbing CO2 and releasing fresh oxygen. Once the holiday season is over, you can continue to care for it outdoors, or replant it in a larger space, making it a part of your family’s Christmas tradition for years to come.

Each of our trees are grown in the best Australian conditions, ensuring a robust and healthy tree that will remain fresh throughout the festive season. An authentic Christmas experience is incomplete without a real tree – and our Potted Real Christmas Tree brings that experience right into your home.


3Ft (0.90M) up to 120cm based on size of pot.

Branch width

approx: 0.20 M to 0.30 M




Experience the convenience of having a potted Christmas Tree delivered right to your doorstep. Off-season deliveries may vary in cost, but enjoy free delivery from 22nd November to 24th December during the Christmas season.

Christmas tree care

Easily transportable, our potted Christmas trees make for a fuss-free festive addition. Their compact size allows for simple manoeuvring and positioning to your desired location.

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