Proudly Australian Owned and Grown

One of Melbourne’s finest Christmas tree farms

Noticing a need from Melbourne inhabitants for real, beautiful, fresh and high-quality Christmas trees, we set out to become your number one trusted provider for the happiest season of the year. Alongside, our amazing Melbourne-based team strives to offer straightforward, easy online sales and delivery services for your utmost convenience.

Our dream is to keep our most wonderful traditions alive.
Each tree becomes a centrepiece for togetherness and merriment, whilst bringing the magic of nature and the wonderful aroma of fresh real pine into your home.

Make your Christmas extra special by turning your home into a beautifully cosy, fragrant, and comforting hearth.

Let’s celebrate life.

Proudly supporting the Alfred Hospital Foundation. 

We don’t just grow and sell Christmas trees

We provide a complete service to those in need.

  • Busy employees
  • Elderly
  • Time poor
  • Physically impaired  
  • No vehicle
  • Mums
  • Gifts
  • Overseas purchase for family and friends
  • Everyone else that might not be able to pick a Christmas tree themselves
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