Do you have a Christmas tree that needs to be collected (Removed Disposed or Pickup)? 

We collect Christmas trees even if purchased elsewhere.

Please write us an email with your address, date of collection and the size of the tree and we may be able to organise the collection for you. info@realChristmasTrees.Melbourne

We are currently off season and collect trees only by approval.

Please make sure the Christmas tree is:

  • easily visible to the driver
  • out the front of the property
  • be home during collection day
  • or leave instructions at checkout

Out of stock



Simply place your tree out the front of the property where it is easily visible to our driver. If you can’t be home on the date of collection, please leave written instructions at checkout.

If the tree is to be picked up from a business premises, please leave business opening hours and any further instructions at checkout.


In the event that collection is excessively delayed, we will continue to collect booked tree removals later than scheduled. We will confirm the new date with you via SMS. Full refunds apply before the collection date.

Choosing your own date:

  • Bookings have to be made 24 hours before collection
  • Collection has to be within our Metropolitan boundary
  • Chosen day needs to be approved

Please check the collection timetable making sure it suits you. – Timetable (Click here)

Christmas Trees that are Collected (Removed Disposed Pickup), are taken to a green waste recycling plant. They will be  mulched and returned to the ground.

Don’t leave your old Christmas tree lying around as it will not be removed or disposed of by the garbage collectors.


Leaving out an old Christmas tree on your nature strip, is an eye sore to your neighbours. It will not be collected/removed/disposed of by the council.



Start a New Year fresh and remove an old Christmas tree.



We will collect any Christmas tree anywhere within Melbourne. All we need is the address of where the Christmas tree is located.

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