How it works

1. Measure

Can’t decide on which size to choose? Simply measure your ceiling height and select a size that allows room for a tree topper and stand. Feel free to move the furniture around! After all, a festive home is one that positions the tree in the spot where it’s happy and can truly shine.

The Australian standard ceiling height is 2.40 metres, however there are 2.5, 2.7 and 3 metre ceilings. It is best to check your ceiling height before ordering the larger Christmas tree. Christmas trees under 7 foot (2.13 Metre) will fit most homes.

2. Choose a Date

Delivery is part of the Christmas tree price and we deliver 7 days a week from 22nd November to 24th December. Each Christmas tree is harvest on the day of delivery. If you have a scheduled function, we suggest you have the Christmas tree delivery one or two days before your planned function. Off season delivery is also available.

3. Start Decorating

Decorating a Christmas tree may be one of the most important parts. Some like to decorate it alone or with family and friends. However you like to decorate your Christmas tree, make it a remembered one.

4. We Collect

After a festive season, we want to move onto a new year and often don’t know how to dispose of the Christmas tree. We provide the service where we will pick up your Christmas tree in early January and recycle it back at the Christmas tree farm.

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