Advent Candles


• Christmas Advent Candles representing Hope, Peace, Joy and Love.

• Pine scented candles to usher in the Christmas spirit for when a pine tree is not possible.

• Set on a pine wood platform decorated with fresh sprigs of juniper leaves and cones.

•These festive candles are secured in plastic free packaging.

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Embrace the spirit of the season with our locally crafted Advent Candle Set, an ideal gift for yourself or a loved one. This unique set embodies the essence of Advent – Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love – through four beautifully scented pine candles. Each candle represents a distinct theme of the weeks leading up to Christmas, creating a meaningful countdown to the festive day.

Crafted with care in Melbourne, these candles are set on a charming pine wood platform, adorned with fresh juniper sprigs and cones, adding a touch of nature’s beauty to your space. Our eco-friendly approach extends to our packaging, ensuring each set is wrapped in plastic-free materials.

“Advent Candles” refer to a set of candles used in the tradition of Advent, a period of anticipation and preparation in the Christian calendar leading up to Christmas. This period typically spans the four Sundays and weeks before Christmas. Each candle in an Advent set has a specific significance and is lit in succession, week by week, as Christmas approaches. The candles are often arranged in a wreath or a straight line and are used both in church services and in homes.

The meanings of the four traditional Advent candles are:

  1. Hope (or Prophecy) Candle: This candle is typically purple and is lit on the first Sunday of Advent. It symbolises the hope and expectation of the coming of Christ.
  2. Peace (or Bethlehem) Candle: Also purple, this is lit on the second Sunday and symbolises the peace that Christ brings to the world.
  3. Joy (or Shepherd) Candle: This candle is usually pink or rose-colored and is lit on the third Sunday of Advent. It represents the joy of the birth of Jesus and the joy he brings to the world.
  4. Love (or Angel) Candle: Lit on the fourth Sunday, this candle is also typically purple and symbolises God’s love and the coming of Christ.

In some traditions, a fifth candle (white) is placed in the centre of the wreath and lit on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day to celebrate Jesus’ birth.

Advent candles are a way to mark the passage of the season, reflect on the themes of Advent, and prepare spiritually for the celebration of Christmas.


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