European Christmas Tree 7ft (2.1M) Douglas Fir

Step into a European winter wonderland with our 7ft Douglas Fir Christmas Trees. Uniquely available in Melbourne, they offer the true essence of a European Christmas.

Include a Tree Stand (Cinco 8)

Fits small and medium Christmas Trees

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The driver will install the tree into a stand for you. Stand not included.

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Embrace European Elegance in Melbourne: The 7ft Douglas Fir Christmas Tree

Real Christmas Trees Melbourne is thrilled to offer a slice of European winter magic with our exclusive 7ft (2.1M) Douglas Fir Christmas Tree. This tree is not just a festive decoration; it’s a portal to the rich traditions of European Christmases, brought to life in Melbourne.

Distinctive Features of Our 7ft Douglas Fir:

  1. Exclusively Sourced: These Douglas Firs, grown with unmatched care in NSW, are harvested on December 6th. They arrive fresh at your doorstep on December 7th, embodying the freshness of European winters.
  2. Rare and Refined in Melbourne: As a unique offering in Melbourne, our 7ft Douglas Fir stands out with its European heritage, making it a rare gem for those seeking an authentic European Christmas experience.
  3. Dedicated Growth for Superior Quality: The Douglas Fir trees, nurtured for longer periods than standard varieties, showcase a fuller and more robust presence, symbolising the dedication and passion of their NSW grower.
  4. Perfect for Melbourne’s Festive Settings: Ideal for both homes and offices, this tree brings a touch of European elegance and sophistication to Melbourne’s festive landscapes.
  5. Cinco Stand Compatible: Recommended with Cinco stands for ease of installation and stable support, ensuring your Douglas Fir remains a stunning focal point throughout the holiday season.
  6. A Nostalgic Journey to European Festivities: Perfect for those longing for a traditional European Christmas or anyone who admires the distinct charm of European winters, our 7ft Douglas Fir connects you to those cherished moments.

Transform Your Christmas into a European Tale:

Let our 7ft Douglas Fir Christmas Tree be the highlight of your holiday season. More than just a tree, it represents a journey to the heart of European Christmas traditions. Reserve your tree now with Real Christmas Trees Melbourne and elevate your festive celebration into an unforgettable European experience.


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