Potted Christmas Tree – Colorado Blue Spruce


Add a touch of uniqueness to your festive season with our Colorado Blue Spruce Trees. 
Tree size is between 70cm and 100cm in height. Price includes delivery. 

Available off season: Please contact us for potted Christmas trees (call or sms 0416081294).

Availability: In stock

Real Christmas Trees Melbourne is proud to introduce the Colorado Blue Spruce Trees, a distinctive selection for those who seek something truly unique for their Christmas celebrations. These potted evergreens are a rare find in Melbourne, making them an exclusive addition to your holiday decor.


Uniqueness of Colorado Blue Spruce Trees

– Distinctive Blue-Green Hue: Known for their stunning blue-green needles, Colorado Blue Spruce Trees bring a unique aesthetic to any setting.

– Melbourne-Exclusive Experience: Rarely found in our region, these trees offer a special touch to your Christmas that sets you apart.

– Sustainably Potted for Growth: Housed in a 30cm pot, these trees are not just for the holiday season but a long-term addition to your home or garden.

– Ready for December 7th Delivery: Secure your pre-order now for a fresh Colorado Blue Spruce Tree, delivered to your doorstep on December 7.


A Christmas Tree That Stands Apart

The Colorado Blue Spruce is more than just a Christmas tree; it’s a statement of style and uniqueness. With its striking blue-green needles and dense foliage, this tree is a conversation starter and a centerpiece that will mesmerize your guests.


This tree’s rarity in Melbourne makes it a prized possession for the festive season. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor decoration, the Colorado Blue Spruce offers versatility and a robust presence. Its ability to thrive in a pot ensures that you can enjoy its beauty for many Christmases to come.


Whether you wish to add an extraordinary element to your festive decorations or seek a tree that continues to give back to nature, the Colorado Blue Spruce is your perfect choice. Pre-order now to bring home a piece of rare beauty this Christmas season.


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