Real Christmas Tree 3 foot (0.91M)

From: $95.09

Ideal for smaller spaces, our 3 foot small Christmas tree brings the festive spirit to every corner.

Include a Tree Stand (Cinco 8)

Fits small and medium Christmas Trees

Have us install your Tree

The driver will install the tree into a stand for you. Stand not included.

Would you like your tree collected?

Collection instructions can be found HERE


Embrace the joy of Christmas with our small and compact, yet stunningly robust 3-foot Real Christmas Tree. Specifically designed for those with smaller spaces or seeking an additional tree, our premium offering fits beautifully into any setting.

Grown with exceptional care on an eco-friendly Christmas tree farm in Melbourne, each tree is nurtured over four years, with our expert farmers dedicating their attention to each season’s growth. This sustained, year-round commitment ensures our trees exhibit a perfect, lush shape, and vibrant health, providing a fresh, natural pine aroma that instantaneously amplifies your holiday cheer.

A highlight of our service is our meticulous delivery. We recognise the importance of freshness when it comes to Christmas trees, and that’s why all our trees are cut daily to maintain their vibrancy. Our team specialises in delivering Real Christmas trees, utilising advanced delivery software to optimise routes in Melbourne, minimising travel distances, and reducing our carbon footprint.

Upon delivery, your tree needs immediate care. Ensuring it’s placed in water at all times is key to maintaining its freshness throughout the season. Our team will provide you with all the necessary guidance for tree care, ensuring your Christmas tree stays vibrant and fresh throughout the festive season.

What sets us apart is the personal touch we add to every tree we deliver. Each Christmas tree is handpicked by the farmer himself, guaranteeing you receive only the finest selection from the Christmas tree plantation.

Our small 3 foot Real Christmas Trees are more than just trees – they’re a commitment to quality, sustainability, and an unrivalled Christmas spirit. Let our tree illuminate your festivities this holiday season.


3Ft (0.90M)

Branch width

1 Ft (0.20 M) to 2 Ft (0.61 M)

Trunk width

3.12 Inches (8 cm)


Our 3-foot Christmas trees are uniquely grown, weighing in at a festive 5-10 kg when fresh, and lighter than a feather when dry. Embrace the charm of these pint-sized, holiday gems!


Our charming 3-foot Christmas tree is freshly harvested and carefully netted to ensure safe transportation right to your door. We deliver seven days a week in the Melbourne metro area, ensuring a timely and convenient service. You don’t have to be home for delivery and you’ll also receive a delivery tracking link, allowing you to monitor the live delivery progress of your tree.


Installing a 3-foot tree is a breeze, though you may need a broom handy as a few needles might drop during the process. The tree fits into small stands and requires minimal floor space, making it perfect for smaller rooms or apartments. A small blanket underneath the stand can help protect your floors.


Once the holiday season is over, we offer an eco-friendly collection service for your tree. This is a crucial part of our commitment to sustainability, ensuring your tree is disposed of responsibly. 

Christmas tree care

The care of your 3-foot tree includes keeping it hydrated with a bucket of water and away from direct cooling and heat sources. Adding personal touches with your favourite ornaments is part of the care process too, helping to keep the tree vibrant throughout the season.

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