Real Christmas Tree 6 foot (1.8M)

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Our best-selling 6-foot Real Christmas Tree, a stunning focal point for your holiday celebrations, delivering memories and joy.

Include a Tree Stand (Cinco 8)

Fits small and medium Christmas Trees

Have us install your Tree

The driver will install the tree into a stand for you. Stand not included.

Would you like your tree collected?

Collection instructions can be found HERE


What comes to mind when you think of Christmas? Is it the joyous laughter of your loved ones, the sweet aroma of festive treats, or the sound of carols echoing through your home? Or is it the sight of a lavishly decorated Christmas tree, its branches twinkling with fairy lights and ornaments, standing as the undisputed centrepiece of your celebration? For most of us, Christmas wouldn’t be the same without that iconic symbol of holiday cheer – the Christmas tree.

Our 6-foot Real Christmas Tree, equal in height to the average adult, is more than just an ornament in your living room. It’s a testament to the spirit of Christmas. It’s the first thing your children will rush to on Christmas morning, their eyes wide with excitement. It’s where your family will gather to share gifts, laughter, and create timeless memories. Its verdant branches, nurtured over six years on our eco-friendly farm, bring a little piece of nature into your home, reminding us all of the beauty of life and the importance of preservation.

But this tree is not just about aesthetics; it’s about reviving a tradition that goes back centuries. When you choose a real Christmas tree, you’re participating in a ritual that binds millions across the world, transcending borders and cultures. It’s the anticipation of selecting your tree, the pleasure of seeing it stand tall and proud in your home, the joy of decorating it with your family. Each tree is a unique piece of art, crafted by nature, and by choosing one, you are bringing a distinct piece of the wilderness into your home.

Why should you choose a delivered tree? The answer is simple: convenience and quality. We understand that your time is precious, especially during the festive season. Our expert delivery service ensures that your Christmas tree arrives at your doorstep at its freshest, without you having to lift a finger. We utilise optimised delivery routes via sophisticated software to ensure that each tree is delivered swiftly, maintaining its freshness, and reducing our carbon footprint. Your tree is cut precisely on the day it’s due to be delivered, meaning it arrives at your home just as fresh as when it left our farm.

At Real Christmas Trees Melbourne, our commitment to quality is unwavering. We care for each tree as if it were the only one on our farm, dedicating countless hours to ensuring it grows healthy and strong. We do this because we know that when you choose one of our trees, you’re not just buying a decoration, but an integral part of your Christmas celebration.

Our 6-foot Real Christmas Tree is our pride and joy, a product of years of hard work and dedication. When it comes into your home, it’s not just a tree but a symbol of the dedication and passion behind its cultivation. It’s a symbol of unity, joy, and the magical spirit of Christmas.

To help you take care of your tree, here are a few frequently asked questions:

How often should I water my Christmas tree?
It’s crucial to ensure your tree has plenty of water. You should check the water level daily and top it up whenever it gets low.

How can I help my tree stay fresh longer?
Keeping your tree away from heat or extreme cooling sources like directly in the way of an A/C and sunlight can help it stay fresh longer. Using LED lights can also reduce heat exposure.

What should I do with my tree after Christmas?
Your tree is 100% recyclable and can be composted or chipped into mulch after the holidays. We can collect your Christmas tree as part of our collection service.

In conclusion, our 6-foot Real Christmas Tree is more than just a product. It’s a commitment to quality, tradition, and the true spirit of Christmas. When you choose our tree, you’re choosing an unforgettable Christmas experience.


6Ft (1.83M)

Branch width

3 Ft (0.90 M) —> 5 Ft (1.52 M)

Trunk width

5.46 Inches / 14 cm


Feel the holiday cheer without the heavy lifting! Our fresh 6-foot tree weighs in at an easily manageable 15 to 25 kg. It'll lighten up even more as it dries, so handling it won't be a daunting task. Enjoy the grandeur this festive season!


Ready to add that festive zing to your home? Our 6-foot Christmas tree is harvested fresh on the day of your order and carefully netted for transportation. Imagine waiting in anticipation and then seeing our van round the corner! With our live tracking link, you can follow the journey of your Christmas tree right from the farm to your doorstep. And don’t worry about squeezing in a delivery date; we operate daily to ensure your holiday decor is right on time!


Bring out the director in you as our team installs your tree. Some guidance may be needed to perfectly position this stunning, 6-foot beauty. To ease the process, prep a sturdy Cinco stand, a bucket filled with 3 litres of water for immediate hydration, a cozy blanket to protect your floor, and a trusty broom for those few stray needles that may escape.


When the season’s cheer winds down, we won’t leave you high and dry. Our tree collection service will pick up your majestic 6-footer right from your doorstep, or wherever it’s easily visible from the street. Remember, a booking for collection needs to be made in advance. As we responsibly recycle your tree, you can rest easy knowing you’ve rounded off your Christmas celebration in an eco-friendly manner.

Christmas tree care

Show this gorgeous 6-foot tree the love it deserves. Just like a thirsty flower, it needs plenty of water. Position it away from direct sunlight or cooling A/C to prevent it from drying out. A 6-foot tree gives you plenty of scope to let your creativity flow. So, go ahead and bedeck it with glittering ornaments and twinkling fairy lights, or whatever catches your fancy. After all, adding your personal touch is an integral part of Christmas tree care!

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