Real Christmas Tree 8 foot (2.4M)

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An 8-foot Real Christmas Tree, commanding presence for grand festivities and breathtaking celebrations.

Include a Tree Stand (Cinco 10)

Holds the tree upright and well presented

Have us install your Tree

The driver will install the tree into a stand for you. Stand not included.

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A tree that nearly touches the stars, an emblem of celebrations larger than life itself – this is our 8-foot Real Christmas Tree. It is not merely a tree, but a skyscraping symbol of the grandeur and joy of Christmas, carefully nurtured over eight years to grace your most special festive gatherings.

This tree is a silent observer of laughter echoing off high ceilings, of cheers that fill large halls, of grand family reunions and office parties where joy, like the tree, reaches new heights. This towering specimen is reserved for those spaces where grandeur is not just desired but celebrated – expansive living areas, corporate lobbies, event spaces, and community centres. The tree’s mighty presence is so much more than an ornamental centrepiece; it’s a cherished guest in its own right, standing tall and proud amongst the festive revelry.

Let the 8-foot Real Christmas Tree inspire you to elevate your Christmas celebrations. Feel its tall, strong trunk and abundant, lush foliage connect you to nature, even as its piney aroma fills your space, blending with the fragrance of warm cookies and mulled wine. The tree is a tantalising treat for the senses, reminding us all of the inherent beauty of the natural world we often take for granted.

It’s not just a Christmas tree; it’s a showstopper. A conversation starter. A backdrop for countless festive photos and cherished memories. It sets the stage for grand entrances, secret Santa exchanges, and emotional reunions under the shimmering Christmas lights. It’s a meeting point, a symbol of unity, as friends and families gather around it to exchange gifts and wishes.

As your festivities escalate, the 8-foot tree stands as a beacon, its top nearly grazing your ceiling, holding your star or angel high for all to admire. It’s substantial branches hold more than just baubles and tinsel; they hold stories, smiles, and the timeless spirit of Christmas.

Despite its monumental size, the tree carries with it the values we hold dear at Real Christmas Trees Melbourne. Grown on our eco-friendly farm using sustainable, Australian-made products, it’s a testament to our commitment to the environment. Our delivery service will bring this giant to your doorstep, but due to its grand size, an extra pair of hands might be required to set it up. We encourage you to create an event around its arrival – invite friends over, serve some hot cocoa, and let the fun of decorating begin!

We also know that such a tree demands extra care. We’ll provide you with all the necessary instructions to keep this green giant fresh throughout the season. Post-Christmas, consider composting the tree or converting it into mulch, giving back to the Earth that nourished it.

The 8-foot Real Christmas Tree is not for everyone – it’s for those who dare to dream big, celebrate big, and most importantly, love big. If your Christmas vision includes a towering tree that will be remembered for years to come, then this tree is for you. But remember, availability is limited due to its unique size and growth time, so secure yours soon.

The sky’s the limit this Christmas, and our 8-foot Real Christmas Tree is here to prove it. Are you ready to reach for the stars?


8Ft/2.44 Metres

Branch width

5Ft/1.52M – 7Ft/2.13 Metres

Trunk width

7.02 Inches / 18 cm


Every 8-foot Christmas tree is a unique natural masterpiece. Freshly cut, these giants weigh between 35 up to 100 kg. As they dry, their weight will reduce significantly. Remember, the tree's grand stature is what makes it an unforgettable centrepiece of your Christmas celebrations!


Our magnificent 8-foot Christmas tree is delivered fresh to your doorstep. Limited in stock, these beauties are harvested on the day of delivery to maintain their freshness. Daily deliveries are made, and with our live delivery tracking system, you’ll know exactly when your tree is on its way!


Given the size and weight of this grandeur, installation may require your assistance. Remember to prepare a suitable and sturdy stand, such as our Cinco stand, to support this beauty. Also, consider the dimensions of your room carefully as this tree requires a space of approximately 3 square metres (for setup) and a high ceiling to showcase its full splendour.


Don’t worry about your tree disposal after the holiday season! Book your tree collection service with us, leave it easily visible from the street, and we’ll pick it up, ensuring an eco-friendly ending to your Christmas celebrations.

Christmas tree care

Keep your 8-foot Christmas tree well-hydrated, away from direct sunlight and sprinkled with your favourite festive adornments. It’s not just a tree; it’s a love-filled Christmas monument that deserves all your attention.

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