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  • Real Christmas Tree 3 foot (0.91M)

    From: $95.09

    Ideal for smaller spaces, our 3 foot small Christmas tree brings the festive spirit to every corner.

  • Real Christmas Tree 4 foot (1.2M)

    From: $108.09

    A medium 4-foot premium Christmas tree offers traditional beauty for modest spaces, delivered fresh and cared for by experts.

  • Real Christmas Tree 5 foot (1.5M)

    From: $126.17

    Rekindle the joy of the festive season with our 5-foot Real Christmas Tree, a symbol of warmth, unity, and tradition, delivered to your doorstep.

  • Real Christmas Tree 6 foot (1.8M)

    From: $163.66

    Our best-selling 6-foot Real Christmas Tree, a stunning focal point for your holiday celebrations, delivering memories and joy.

  • Real Christmas Tree 7 foot (2.1M)

    From: $197.74

    Our 7-foot Real Christmas Tree, aged to perfection over seven years, brings grandeur and festive spirit to larger spaces.

  • Real Christmas Tree 8 foot (2.4M)

    From: $288.19

    An 8-foot Real Christmas Tree, commanding presence for grand festivities and breathtaking celebrations.

  • Potted Real Christmas Tree approx 2 ~ 3 foot (60cm ~ 90cm)


    Introducing our charming Potted Real Christmas Tree, a Pinus Radiata standing approximately 90 to 120 cm tall from the ground up. This tree radiates a natural beauty with its lush, soft needles and Christmas tree shape. Ideal for smaller spaces or as an additional festive touch, it’s a sustainable choice that can be replanted after the holiday season.
    Please contact us for availability and delivery.

  • Collection (Christmas tree collection)


    Do you have a Christmas tree that needs to be collected (Removed Disposed or Pickup)? 

    We collect Christmas trees even if purchased elsewhere.

    Two collection options: 

    Option 1: (recommended) We choose the date for you 

    We will collect your Christmas tree based on our timetable (04th to 10th January)
    Collection timetable can be found here: (

    Option 2: You choose your own collection date
    (7 days a week, collection date and time to be approved*)

    Please make sure the Christmas tree is:

    • easily visible to the driver
    • out the front of the property
    • be home during collection day
    • or leave instructions at checkout
  • Missed collection (re-collection)


    Do you need a Christmas tree re-collected?
    Please purchase this after it has been approved by our team only. 

    Our driver will come to your address again and collect your tree and dispose of it in a environmentally friendly manner.

  • Collection


    Need your Christmas tree collected? We handle tree collection even if you didn’t purchase the tree from us.

    To ensure a smooth collection:

    – Make sure your tree is easily visible to our driver and placed at the front of your property.
    – If you won’t be home during collection, please provide clear instructions at checkout.

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